A modern Andalusian Bistro with traditional cuisine made from artisan products and authentic wines

In Cristina Bistró's kitchen

Who is Cristina?

Cristina Bistró is a contemporary Andalusian bistro representing the Andalusian tavern.

Where you can have a coffee with a breakfast or a cake to snack, a good sherry with a tapa at midday, lunch with the menu of the day or dinner with our natural authentic wines.

On our terrace in San Fernando street 19, overlooking the old tobacco factory and the Hotel Alfonso XIII, as well as in our small but cosy interior.

You can also buy any product that we use to prepare our menu. You can book by phone or directly from the contact on the website.

Our opening hours are as follows:

Lunches and dinners from Thursday to Tuesday

Wednesday closed for staff rest.

To book click on the button below:

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Our motivation is to achieve the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

I have always tried to feel satisfied with my work, the way to achieve this is by making my clients feel comfortable and happy.

I also wanted to contribute, from my work, a grain of salt, to further dignify our profession.
So we are proud to belong to this beautiful trade.

Customer satisfaction is the necessary energy that we need to be able to carry out all the work hours that are required. Being clear about where we want to go and who we want to be is important to make sense of our day.

Front Cristina Bistró
Chef cooking

At home

To pick up

I like to choose good products to prepare the dishes on the menu, whenever I can, I choose those that are artisan and natural with a controlled and ecological production.

The preparation and quality of the dishes for collection on the premises is carried out with the respect and care that characterises us.

To collect from the premises, I have selected those dishes that stand up well to transport. Packed in cardboard containers and avoiding plastics.


I select the wines according totheir production and origin. I prefer wines Andalusians and those of the Jerez area.

At home you can drink whatever you prefer, from a wine with a tapas bar to one of our tasting boxes.


An ideal place to celebrate small events in a pleasant and reserved atmosphere.

When I started, clients asked me to organise small events. I did so, and the results were very good, so I would like to attend again, all those requests.

If you need to celebrate any event and would like to do so at Cristina Bistró, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fill in the contact form and I will make you several proposals for the celebration of your event.

Cristina Bistró event table